Need Marketing Executive

Need Marketing Executive
Greetings ! Our company site www(dot)infysec(dot)com , InfySec is primarily a security services organization.Our focus is on three areas: Client Security, Research & Development and building up intellectual capital with customers across geographies.

Services we offer:

Technology Consulting
Security Training
infySCAN Services (Scanning Services)

infySEC requires proficient sales and marketing passionate sellers, who could sell our services such as

Website security scanning services
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Gap Analysis
Compliance Audit (ISO27001 Implementation,PCI) etc.,
Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Security Code Review

and get business from clients, since there are many clients who need their websites to be security audited from potential risks and hackers/spying eyes,Also we will pay you on each and every project that you get us for. Passionate marketing persons feel free to reach us with their resume so that we can take things forward on this. Please do not reply if with a default template reply message, only reply if you understand the gravity of this project.

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