Create Wire Frames For Website

Create Wire Frames For Website

We have a basic idea of a new social network site that we want to build and need your help to take the attached concept and build it out to an actual page design which is very very limited on graphics but emphasizes the functionalities.

we are trying to combine concepts of:
facebook’s Live Feed and social idea
LinkedIn career focus’s Housing and Jobs Market focus

the excel sheet attached has the following 2 tabs for now that only servers as a draft to show the idea:

– Actual Profile Page and
– Market Place Overview

1) Profile Page – this is more or less what the profile page of the person will look like

2) you will find the 4 elements of the website’s Market Place to appear again and again, which are

a) Jobs
b) Housing
c) Products
d) Events

3) this site will allow the users to post things like jobs, products they want to sell or looking to buy, apartment they want to rent or lease and invite the public or friends to events such as Trade Shows or a simple Birthday Party or Restaurant Grand Opening.

4) also note on the right side of the profile page that there will be automated 3rd party feeds that will show based on the current profile user’s current location (such as Local Events, News, Weather and Housing Market).

So if my profile is based in New York but I browse other peoples profiles page who lets say is based in Paris, then all the information that I see on the right side and Market Place Activity Feed should be based on Paris (the location of the profile that I am viewing, not my own location).

your task is to place yourself into the user and create additional pages that are related to this concept (e.g. the page the user will see when they click on an actual product link from the feed or actual job listing from the feeds found in the profile of a user)

so, by me just clicking on peoples profiles from around the world will show me right away what is currently going on in that location in terms of JOBS, HOUSING, PRODUCTS, EVENT which together they are known as MARKET PLACE and also 3rd party infos like Weather, Local News.

this task is not about coding or anything now. we ask you to design the wire frames (which is a very limited graphic version of the 2 pages and other pages that will be relevant based on the overall idea)

please write us for any clarification.

Goal of wireframe is that changes to the structure and layout can be made fairy fast.

please place your bid and let me know what your bid will include. thank you.

– we are open to accept bids from multiple providers
– we are ready to pay based on per page concept
– any preview or actual work that you present to us will not be used unless you get paid for it (due to privacy and copyright laws).

we are among top 20 buyer here on SL, feel free to bid or provide us with actual examples of wire frames which can be done in many ways..

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