Website Design For Game Site

Website Design For Game Site
I am looking for creative and professional web graphic designer to create graphics interesting new web site. It is a billiards gaming web site. We would like the finished site to have a similar look to or and the finished site should be of a similar standard.

The graphics for this web site include:

a) A site logo and branding.

b) Icons, page designs and page graphics for the 18 included HTML pages.

The home page should have:
– Four main icons for the four games,
8 Ball Pool, 9 Ball Pool, Snooker, UK 8 Ball Pool
– Login and Sign Up icons
– Practice Game icon
– Site Help icon

Icons for:
– Go to My Account
– My Account Help
– Logout

Additionally banner headers for game these will be placed on the help pages for each game.

Please see the attached file for the HTML pages. The tables, forms etc should be styled, there is also a basic style template used on the pages which should be used as a foundation for the site pages.

The two site “home” pages are index.html for the main site home page and dashboard.html for the account area home page. The rest of the site can be navigated from these two pages.

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