Iphone Web Site One Page

Iphone Web Site One Page

I run a snack shop at my job and i need a one page website order form. let me explain. At my place of work i have a store in my locker and I have around 20 items for sale but my boss doesn’t want me to sell things out of my locker so here is what I’m thinking. i want to make a web site only formatted for the iphone (all of the office workers have iPhones) I want a simple order form that will email me the orders so that i may sneak in to my locker and fill the orders. this is what it should look like

The Snaq Shaq
Order From

Item 1452 .25 ea [3]Qty .75
Item 3347 .25 ea [1]Qty .25
Item 2365 .25 ea [4]Qty 1.00
Item 5861 2.50 ea [1]Qty 2.50
Total 4.50

Orders are filled in a first come first served.

Complete order button = this will email me the order.

Then a thank you for your order page .

I need a code to a web site ready for me to edit with the items names and prices now i have dream waver and can edit that. I may need space for a image header logo the top of the page .
This code must work perfectly on the iphone if you have not done a iphone specific site no need to bid. It must look good like the web site almost looks like an iphone app.

thanks and questions let me know

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