Exchange E-currencies Website

Exchange E-currencies Website
Required: Buy/Sell e-currency

Very important requirements:

1: Customer should be able to sell ecurrency for:WU,Bank Wire
2: Customer should be able to Buy supported e-currencies using the following methods:

Credit Card,WU,MG,Bank Wire

3: Must support the following e-currencies: webmoney, libertyreserve

*see and for details on programming API etc

4: A section where users can upload scanned copies of customer verification documents (to meet “Know Your Customer ” laws). Documents should be stored either in the database or on the file system and should be easily backed up and referenced in case they are needed by law enforcement personnel.


Baseline features:

* Order tracking system compliant with anti-money laundering laws (US, Canada, Europe, etc)
* Bank/e-currency transactions import tool (to be compliant with the anti-money laundering law).
* Integrated accountability system
* Automatic email notifications to customers, triggered by the order status.
* Fees Management based on order size and method of payment
* Methods of Payment editor. (no limit, includes automatic emails)
* Posting of methods of payment according to the customer’s country and the currency used for payment.
* Web Page, Emails and News editor
* Fully Web based
* Statistics and reports (Money Turnover, Accountability).
* Different level of access (Master Admin, Admin and Operator)
* Customer verification forms .


* SSL support
* Very user friendly interface for both public and administrator

Customer’s interface

* Automatic registration
* Personal information management
* Automatic password retrieval
* Choice of language (bilingual platform)
* Each choice of method of payment shows an explanation to the customers.
* Automated payment interface
* Order history. The member can list, review and even modify his/her orders.
* Bank accounts and E-account management (future)

Administrator’s interface

* Highly configurable by the administrator without the need of knowing a programming language.
* The content of all menus, texts and news in the web site can be easily changed.
* Different level of access (Master Admin, Admin and Operator)
* Order processing and tracking tools compliant with the anti-money laundering law
* Order management and search system
* E-Currency Accounts Management
* Bank accounts Management.
* Fees Management.
(Different fees can be set up for different amounts and method of payment.)
* Customer Management.
* Method of Payment editor. (you can have any method you want)
* Web Page and News Templates Editor
* E-mail Templates Editor.
* F.A.Q System.
* Admin Password.
* Statistics and reports (Money Turnover, Accountability).
* Live Currency Price
* Bank/e-currency transactions import Tool necessary to be compliant with the anti-money laundering law.

Here is the Administrator’s menu

* Transactions
o Catch transactions
+ To download your banking and e-currencies transactions directly in the database. You then assign a transaction code for each transaction which will be used in your accountancy software.
o Manage transactions
+ To see all or any transaction and make corrections if needed
+ To see the account balance
* Orders
o History and Management
+ Order searching interface
+ List of all orders per status
o Match orders with incoming funds
+ You can give different status to an order. A configurable message will then be automatically emailed to the customer.
o Manage pending matched orders
o Complete orders ( to give what the customer requested )
o Match orders with outgoing funds
* Reports
o Accountancy report
+ All incoming and outcoming funds are computerized and classified as you need to complete your accountancy. It makes your accountancy a kid’s game.
o Statistics
* Clients
o Manage clients
+ To see a customer’s profile
+ To change a customer’s status
o Manage customer’s profile changes
* Configuration
o Currency
+ Manage currency
# To add a new e-currency if needed
# To deactivate or activate a currency or and e-currency for either in-exchange or out-exchange.
+ Cross rate table
# Allows you to establish a rate fee between currencies.
o Accounts
+ Accounts management
# To create e-account or bank accounts
# To manage the balance and the currency of the account
+ Transaction codes
# To define the accountability codes to define your transaction
o Method of payment and cost
+ Customer to exchanger
+ Exchanger to customer

* To create methods of payment with an explanation text plus an instruction text to email automatically to the customer.
* To specify what method of payment will be shown to the customer. This is done according to the customer’s country of origin and the type of currency/e-currency he/her chose.
* And others features

o Shipping methods
+ To create, activate and deactivate a shipping method
o Emails
+ To send information to customers
+ To modify the order status message, automatically emailed to a customer.
o Web site content
+ News ( To create news in the home page )
+ Texts ( to modify the content of the web site )
+ Labels ( to modify most of the descriptions in the web site

Website Design

* Design a nice clean and fast loading CSS based look for the website
* Give it a “gold” feel and look

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