Website Design Concepts Psd

Website Design Concepts Psd

We are looking for a website designer to develop a number of website samples. I have attached the project brief.

To help us select the designer you MUST provide a sample design (graphic) based on the attached brief. We will select the designer who provides the best sample – and will work with them to refine the samples.

As you can see from our profile we have been with Scriptlance for a long time and have always had excellent reviews. So this is NOT a cheap way for us to get free samples – it is simply the best way for us to find a designer who can fulfill the design brief.

Please do NOT send us 20 links to previous sites that you have designed. The sample design will be sufficient.

We will have other projects – so hopefully we will be able to work with the chosen designer(s) in the long term.

We need the initial samples within 24 hrs. Please include your budget for developing samples.

If you have any questions or concerns please use PMB.

Happy Bidding!

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