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Company Logo
Company name: Talent Provider
Domain name:
Tagline / slogan: We would like you to create one for us.

Our core business consists of headhunting, research, recruitment, staffing & consultant services. All in the field of engineering, logistics, finance & management.

We do NOT provide services related to unskilled personnel or blue collar workforces. We differentiates ourselves from competitors as we are unique as we do not have a HR-background, we are managers in our expert fields and therefore we can better understand our customers and candidates situation and deliver the right competences. We find the right competence for our customers by thoroughly research work and quality processes.

Some website of competitors

We want customers to perceive our logo as exclusive and professional.
We want to be famous for, and associated with high class services with a professional execution.

We believe that our customers will choose us due to that all our personnel have both degrees and experience form our field of business (engineering, management etc.) and therefore can provide them with the service they need.

Our ideal customers are management personnel on all sorts of companies that need to either recruit new personnel or use temporary staffing or consultant services.

We will mainly be found by internet advertising, product leaflets & e-mail marketing.

Our customers what high class services and a sense that they get their money’s worth

Our customers DON’T want to talk to “just another internet firm” consisting of young people with limited experience.

We would like to a have a logo ‘mark’ or widget together with the logo. The logo will be used in all communications

We have no restrictions regarding size, color, readability, modifications. We are open for suggestions as long as we are pleased with the end result.

Colors we like are black, white, gray and blue. But we are open for other suggestions as well.

We would like to receive sketches and ideas at a constant flow as you get them, that way we can give you input on what we like and what we don’t like and faster get to the goal with an result we’re satisfied with.

Attached is an sample that we liked, but we think it doesn’t give you that exclusive feeling.

Looking for a long term relationship in Script lance as this is just the first of many steps in building up an entire company profile & website.

If you answer please include portfolio/samples of sketches for us.

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