Website Enhancement

Website Enhancement
My website is

I have a flash intro as you will see.
Then the next page is where I want the work done. Basicly what I am looking for is to:

1) create a more professional looking website using the same/similar color scheme. I want the appearance to look much more professional. You need to propose graphic ideas to enhance appearance & font changes to improve the look. I like how it is now but it needs something to give it a boost visually.

2) The black background… I want this changed to a different color that will make the site look better.

3) The background is also occupying too much of the screen. What I would like done is have the white table longer at top & bottom, so that the white is all you see top and bottom, but still have the new background color on the sides, then enlarge the blue area in the middle which will allow all the text to be completely viewable so we can eliminate the scrolling in the blue area.

3) Under the “Videos” tab, I need to be able to display an unlimited amount of youtube videos. It needs to be easy for me to copy a youtube link and paste it in the code so that viewers can click on a video and watch it on my site. It would also be preferable that the viewer be able to watch it on full screen mode if they choose to.

4) My name is at the top of the page “Davyn Arscott – Comedian.” This needs to be a different font or even made into a logo of some sort so that when you see it, it jumps out at you and the image of the logo must say: “professional, artistic, funny, confident.” The little logo to the left of my name can be deleted.

5) On each side of the middle table I want to be able to easily post banners for other companies. Notes need to be placed in the code so that I can easily see where the banner goes and if I want to change them then I can easily do so.

6) In all the tabs, I want to be able to insert links… for some reason I can’t insert a hyperlink.

7) On the “Calendar” tab, I need a calendar in month format. The viewer will be able to view the current month, past months, and future months. They should be able to click on a day and that day will expand to show all details. This calendar should be easy for me to add/edit/delete events. The information I will be displaying in the calendar will be mostly text with a couple links.

8) Facebook has a logo with a hypelink embedded to take the viewer to my facebook page… I want this facebook logo on the main page close to my name, so that if someone is browsing my site, the logo is always there on every page.

9) The pictures that change on the bottom right must be easily changable. I want to be able to add and change pictures by simply uploading them to my ftp and putting them in a designated folder.

10) Directions: I need a note document saved to my ftp that shows the paths & instructions for editing anything that I am requesting… for example, how to change the pictures that are being rotated on the bottom right, or how to edit the calendar…. in other words I don’t want to have to contact you months later because I can’t edit something easily.

I am looking for someone who is confident that they can enhance this site with their ideas. If you can’t provide a satisfactory result then please do not bid on this project as payment will only be sent based on my approval & satisfaction of the enhancements. Please have links to work that you have done so I can get an idea of your creativity & style.



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