High Quality Websute Design

High Quality Websute Design
I am looking for someone with great design skills and taste 🙂
You will need to create a web design(only design and HTML+CSS) markup for the photo editing company.
Here are couple websites that I like(to give you an idea of what I expect):

1. Main
2. Who we are – > young and professional photo editing, alterations and restoration company
3. Photo Restoration (you can take 3 samples from the google images for now)
a. + some text
4. Photo Alteration (you can take 3 samples from the google images for now)
a. We can restore old and valuable memories to their original state and make them even better
5. Questions and Answers (and link to contact us form)
6. Our process (some text with 6 bullet points)
7. Contact us – with form with(Name, email, 3 file upload fields, big text field for question, one button)

Here are couple links to out competitors:
We need to do better 🙂

P.S. Design should be simple and elegant. Please keep your bids low.

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