Finish My Header Image

Finish My Header Image
If i can pay directly via paypal i can pay 15.32 for this job

I Want some txt adding to an image and animating in the same way as seen in this image×60.gif

The image you will be adding the txt and animation to can be seen here

Please ensure that the design does not go to far to the right as using the link below on the main page there will be a search box in the right of the header so the new txt must not go into that section
Main page

I want this to animate in the exact same way as the banner image

Txt as follows from top to bottom on the left

Txt seen animated in the center as follows
Turnkey Websites
Premade Websites
Web Hosting
Reseller Hosting
Affiliate Programs

Txt on the right
Turnkey Scripts
Premade Websites
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