Single Product Website Design

Single Product Website Design
Need a website designed for a newly developed product. I would like it to be a single page, sales letter type website. I will be primarily advertising in Adwords so it will have to be Google/SEO friendly. I will need a shopping cart program installed on the site.
I would like to work with someone that has a lot of experience in direct response marketing as I will most likely have no email capture form on the website so you will need to make the customer to buy NOW.

My client has VERY generic website set up right now..

I will be promoting his product for him on Adwords using a completely new domain and will be completely scrapping the old site-

new domain–

I would also like the design to include a custom logo with some kind of cartoon animation of a Bigger person with there stomach hanging over there belt (like fat albert or something) with a catchy slogan similar to “Solving Big Problems For Big People”

I’m open to any design changes that you think will improve my conversions/sales.


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