Basic Design Improvement

Basic Design Improvement
I will provide you with the design psd file.

This project is very basic. I have an already finished design that is about 95 percent where I want it.

I want to do the following things

1. I want to liven up the site a bit with some cool background color schemes, etc

My site looks a bit too corporate and I want it to look a bit more consumer related.

I dont want the same style here… but is an example of a site that makes good use of colors to liven up the the are background images and buy now buttons are not and large and have cool colors. Though I think their color choices are borderline gaudy

2. I have some buttons, etc that are like the ones on the right of I want to make mine just a bit more visually appealing as they look plain right now.

3. I also want the logo improved

I need someone who can take my design from an 8.5 to a 10.

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