Home Page Redesign

Home Page Redesign
We currently have a working website and are looking for a complete home page redesign. The website is www.NorthCoastPlowing.com. It offers snow plowing service to local areas (Cleveland/Akron Ohio, USA).

You will NOT need to redesign the following:
–Header, Footer, Background, Overall Page Width, bottom button that says “Residential and Commercial Plans | Terms and Conditions”

You will need to:
–Completely redesign the feel of the home page
–Re-write text on the page (remove most of the current bad “sales” text, then add in your own text/bullets/etc.)
–Remove the top box with “No Hassle Snow Removal…” and the stock photo
–Add in your own stock photos, if necessary to make the page look better
–Make a simple, short home page that sells customers

What Information we provide:
–Our 2 existing offline flyers (attached)
–Existing Website Content (obviously)
–FTP access and all existing website files

–Redesign completed within 2 business days
–Revisions (if necessary completed within 1 day
–We are trying to keep this redesign as short as possible, to keep your per-hour income high and get our new site up as quick as we can

–Due to the short and relatively simple nature of this project, please keep your bids below $60.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our project. I hope to work with you soon.

~Mike Burngasser
Marketing Director, North Coast Plowing

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