Complete Web Re-design

Complete Web Re-design
We are looking for a complete redesign of our website:

We want something flashy, artistic, eye-catching and really pretty.

We like our current 518Fever letting logo and would like that to be incorporated in any new design.

Here is what else we are looking for:

1.) A Rating Feature on Each Profile

As you can see we have various bar, clubs and restaurant profiles. We want a rating system that allows people to vote on a Thermometer to gauge the temperature of each individual place. For example if a Bar is really good people will vote on it highly (90 degrees) and the thermometer on the page will display the average temperature

2.) New Banner Images

As you can see we have various banner images on our site that promote other sections of our site. We want new flashy banners to accompany our new design

3.) A Video Forum Section like

Where people can post debates, karaoke, VLogs, songs (must be approved by admin) and can record directly on our site via webcam

* This must be a feature that is for our Fever Profiles members –

* We can provide full details and examples

* This part can be last.

4.) Something that content can be easily edited.

We are looking for someone creative and experienced. IF you want to go the extra mile and get ahead of other bidders use our current homepage and provide us an example of what you would make the new design look like.

* No templates please
* We must have a login to our Fever Profiles on the site
* If possible we would like people to be able to log in to Fever Profiles from our homepage and stay logged in no matter where they go on our site
* Fever Profiles –

***** Please provide Price Quote and exact E.T.A (delivery date)with ANY response to this posting*****

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