Main Page Redesign

Main Page Redesign
We are looking for professional web designer to redesign main page of our website.

The website address is (remove -)

There are 3 main parts in the website:

1) Remodeling Articles
2) Home Improvement Products (RTA Kitchen Cabinets link)
3) Contractor Referral Service (most part of the main page)

What needs to be done:

– The main part of the main page must be redesigned. Header, footer and sidebar will not be changed.
– It should look modern and neutral.
– Information about all 3 parts must be present on the main page. You can probably create some boxes for these parts.
– All work must be in CSS.
– All text in About us frame will be unchanged.
– Be prepared to create some custom graphics
– Be prepared for revisions

Basically the project is for redesigning only 1 page but it must be done in very professional manner.

Send your work examples, mention some ideas and I will reply.

Auto bids will not be accepted.

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