Website Library & Web Form

Website Library & Web Form
The job:

1. Create an easily editable a library page that will post to the three news sections of the home page of
a sample of this function are the three right side testimonial boxes at

2. Create the page that all three news posting will appear when “read more” is clicked, as well as all old postings. It should become a chronological library of posted news. The page should have the same look and feel of the site of course.

3. Activate the search box to search the news pages created in item 2 above.

4. Activate the form in the “Contact Us” page to send the form to info{at}keepcompliant.

4. Provide instructions and a show us a simple editor on how a non technical website owner can update the “news library page” on their local PC and then upload it via FTP to the domain and keep the news current. The owner/editor should not have a sophisticated program like Dreamweaver. Something easy, simple to use and upload and hopefully free or very low cost.

Time to complete 1 week or less.

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