Create 100 Simple Postcards

Create 100 Simple Postcards

We need to have about 4-8 different greeting card covers designed for multiple occasions (the standards are fine such as birthday, getwell, sympathy, etc). for use on our card design site.

1. The job is basically just finding pictures and writing happy birthday, or get well soon, happy easter, and etc on them.
2. The cards will need to be both postcard size and then standard card size. Please try to make the postcard size ones at least 1000×750 (they can be larger or slightly smaller if need be, however, please try to keep the proportions the same.) The other design should be 750×1000 (again bigger or smaller as long as proportions are similar).
3. Then zip them up and email them over! If you could put them in folders based on occasion that would be fantastic.

I tried doing some of these by just searching for creative common license photos and then just adding text to them in dreamweaver. (few examples i did — you’re welcome to your own style, not saying mine are good or anything. Just ideas —,,

They need to be original and that we can print and send out with products ordered from our online store.

Thank you so much for the help and looking forward to working with the winning bidder!

Thinking about this — probably 10 categories is a good number. Possible a few more, possibly a few less.

Roughly 100 card cover designs.

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