Notary Website Design

Notary Website Design
I have a client that needs a website built and the goal is to get it up and running within 30 days.

Scope of Project (Approximately 6 pages?)
1) My Client is a Notary Public and he wrote a study guide that he wants people to be able to study online and take tests online for their 3-6 hours certification required by the California Secretary of State. This website will grow as he writes more material but at the moment he wants to specifically target new and renewing notaries.

Website Example
2) We found a website format that he really likes for a base template We discussed at great length each page of this website and it is a really good fit for his product.

3) I will be able to provide the web designer most of the content myself. We plan of having a package put together within the next two weeks. I may need some help finding art work. My clients goal is to have the website up and running within 30-45 days so he can start a direct mail campaign to a targeted list of notaries.

4) Please provide me a quote and an outline of the best way to submit content. My expectation is the web designer will know how to do all the SEO and behind the scenes stuff that makes the website “friendly and searchable” and that they will be able to coach and lead us on what works and doesn’t work on the web. The web Designer we work with may be requested to be on retainer to help with social media, sales pages, etc. and for future expansion of the website. We are requesting to retain the same designer.

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