Consumer To Contractor Match

Consumer To Contractor Match
Looking for a reputable website developer/programming company to repair or complete an unfinished home contractor to consumer match website.

The intent of this site is to match consumers who are looking for contractors for home remodeling or home repair projects. Consumers register free, contractors are charged a monthly fee for unlimited leads. Contractors are rewarded with activity points for better exposure when they participate in the blogging, forum, home tips and so on. the reward is top placement in the search results.

The site is almost complete. I am looking for a better website design – it should be clean attractive and easy to navigate.
Site should use a picture of a street billboard to display rotating pictures and a welcome statement to visitors explaining the benefits of the site.

The entire site should be SEF with modrewrite for friendly URLs.
Currently the site is resting at

The biggest issues with this site is the header image, the SEF URLs, the blogging, want to be able to setup custom free membership programs, the payment and invoicing modules for reoccurring invoicing; willing to use paypal manually for now and eventually upgrade as the membership increases. There are other very minor issues that can be discussed later.

I will make available the admin password for you to take a further look into the rest of the site if you meet the below request. I will also provide you with a list of all the items that I know need attention.

The company bidding should summit a layout of the site design to be considered.

As a guide, take a look at this site for color scheme

Thank to all and look forward to completing this project very soon.

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