Adult Website Style Makeover

Adult Website Style Makeover
Adult Website Style Makeover and Minor Functionality Change

Warning: this work is for an adult website, and is therefore only suitable for people who are ok with this.

I want someone to change the look and feel of totallyclips [dot] com. The website uses AVS software (, so it would be very useful if you have used this software before. I will be providing sample mockups and full instructions.

High level look and feel changes include:

– replace existing tabs with ones provided in the mockup;
– page layout changes. Sample provided in mockup;
– apply new CSS to some pages;

High level functionality changes:

– Allowing multiple categories when user uploads videos (currently only 1 category permitted);
– Display multiple categories inside admin console;
– Ad new advertisement spaces (content managed by Admin console) to website. Changes are required in both website and Admin console.

Please let me know your experience and I will then send the full details of the job to suitable applicants, so that you can make an appropriate bid.

Thank you for your time,

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