Cs-cart Modification

Cs-cart Modification
I need to make those modifications in my CS-Cart store.

Please, bid only if you’ve work with CS-Cart before.

I. Top:
block1. logo->>linkable to homepage

block2. Santo Domingo->>Editable (text), linkable to store information and location
block3. Santiago–>>Editable (text) store location and information
block4. Acceso al taller –>>linkable to system laptoprd.com/taller

horizontal bar where Makes are: linkable each make individually to make page. Ex. laptoprd.com/dell.html

Make text on the top of the category look better. Modify font and size.


A. Daily deal: editable as a category, I want to be able choose item to added there from the catalog.
B. Same for the other 2 offers below it.

Optimize look and feel of both. My design is just for indication.

III. Item description:
Change “añadir a carrito” (add to cart) to Share on Facebook and Twitter (Compartir en Twitter y Facebook)
But in category page change “add to cart” to “View more details” (Ver más detalles).

IV. Footer: Add links to footer, just like the attached picture.

You can see actual store here: www.laptoprd.com

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