Photographer Hire Website 2

Photographer Hire Website 2
I need a new website created for a customer.

Need something like this website. But then for customers who are in need for a photographer, and that the photographer can get leads.

The details for as far I can see now are:

Information from the customer who need photo service.

Name, address etc.

E-mail address with verification check true e-mail.
Needs to pay for special extras like here. (for example if there is
a fast need for a photo session.)
Needs to be simple to place your hire add in the system.

Needs to be able to pay something true paypal.

For the photographer i need:

Payment system for leads. (He pays a amount for like 10 leads)
All his information like sample pictures and contact information needs to be in the system.
No direct contact between the customer and the photographer untill the photographer has paid for the lead.

This is just a basic idea.

If you have experience then tell what you can offer. The customer like to have investors as well. So if you can invest in this it will be a plus. Be short in your response. No long copy paste story.
No high bids above budget. I trow them away without looking in to it.
Sorry. It is just a trial. So I need to make it a good job.

It is important that you have read that there is maybe more needed, then above mention, but you bid on this is for the whole project. Tell me that you read this by saying. I read the whole project in your response. Sorry, but most projects are not read. It is hard to find someone then.

I also need someone that is communicating true Skype. So, if your mic is broken or you have no Skype, or whatever reason you can think of that you can not communicate true skype. Then do NOT bid on this project.

Do also NOT bid on this project if you have NO experience in it.
I need to see something like this before I choose you.

Thanks for reading this.

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