Website Pages

Website Pages
I have a website and I want to add more pages to it. I created
a template to show you how it should be done exactly, Where you see “keyword” is where you insert a keyword from a list of keywords I send you. You will need to copy or create at least 2 paragraphs of fresh content for each page you create for me. You can find this content in many places on the net. You will add a link to each page in the left column and have no more then 100 links to pages on each page.

I have a list of 13,000 keyywords I want to do this for. I need to find a web design company that has about 10 employees that will be able to work on this project. One person will not be able to do it all unless he can come up with good automated way. The template for the web pages can be found here hxxp:// You will basically just use this template over and over and add content to it exactly as you see it

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