Psd Website Layout Designer

Psd Website Layout Designer
Looking for a graphic designer that is really good with website design. I am looking for someone that can take idea’s/requirements and design the initial design for website’s that I will code.

NOTE** NO TEMPLATES, NO OBJECTS FROM TEMPLATES, AND Full ownership is transferred upon payment. This project cannot be listed in any portfolio of yours, and you will release FULL OWNERSHIP/RIGHTS to the design once the payment is completed.

For this project:

I need someone to design a wedding “lace” themed website with muted colors, eggplant/purple, a little bit of gold and a little bit of pewter. Possibly a few white flowers within the design.

The design is more important than the page structure, as the structure/navigation can be created later on when it is coded.

It will need the following items on the homepage:

1) Area for the latest comments (just a name:comment with the last 5 or so comments) and a button to view more comments.

2) Homepage text area for “introduction” and “Our story”.

3) small gallery of thumbnails on the sidebar (scrollable, or just a few different thumbnails, open to suggestions

4) The homepage should include a spot towards the top which lists two names (of the wedding couple).

5) sample navigation links for additional pages like About us, Our wedding.

6) Registry section, this will list a few items of products and will have a link to view the complete registry section.

Looking forward to responses and will be looking at a combination of best price/timeline. Assuming this project works out, other projects can follow this one.

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