Graphic Artist Needed

Graphic Artist Needed
Hello I need a professional illustrator who can do me a character based off a photo of a client, we dont want a clone of her photo we just want the character to resemble her so the photo will be provided for that specific purpose only… please provide examples of your portfolio… we can only accept the type of illustration style as the one I am attaching to this project it is a example the client sent showing what type of illustration they want and the style they want it in…

I will provide my clients photo in PMB and if someone want’s to work up a sample for me that would help you get the job…

I need a true professional and I will describe what items we need you to draw for the theme and what type of character she is going to be in PMB….

If you can do work just like the example attached in that style GREAT send me a message if not please dont bother… also if your willing to make a sample/mockup for me to see of your work based on my project let me know that as well… so many people have tried and said they could deliver this job exactly as I wanted and none of them have done that yet so I dont have time to waste anymore on this so please serious professionals only this time!

I need someone who can complete this task today please!

*I WILL NOT DO ESCROW* Everytime I have done escrow it has done nothing but tie my funds up and the coders and designers take their time and become lazy or they dont do the job all together and It is just a hassle… I will make payment for the job as soon as it is completed I can use paypal or scriptlance to pay you either option is fine with me!.. I have a ton of work like this I need to get done and will award the right designer many jobs after this one is completed because I am way over booked with projects I have in the line to launch…

If someone can complete this today and can do it to my satisfaction to what my client and I are looking for then I will also be giving a bonus payment to the chosen designer!

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