Clone A Band Website

Clone A Band Website
We are looking to have a band website/blog created. A website that has the same functionality and similar design as “The Foo Fighters” would be ideal.

The site would have 8 pages as follows: News (homepage/blog), Bio, Gigs, Music, Photos, Videos, Store, Links. Some of the pages (ie Music, Video, Photos) would have the “standard” template design with code embedded to allow streaming from external sources, such as our YouTube channel. Other pages (i.e. Bio, Gigs, Links) would be a blank template in which we could insert our content (ie Bio).

Detailed design specifications and website functionality are attached in the file website.doc. We are open to suggestions in terms of how site functionality is created. We would like to have as much of the site as possible customizable (ie background, banners, colors, text, etc). We will be responsible for the content such as the bio, gigs and any embedded code required (e.g. our YouTube channel, flickr gallery, etc).

Thank you.

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