Fantasy Mma Site

Fantasy Mma Site
fantasy mma site with custom features;

need a custom website, with basic functionality from and and . i like the tools from too, which include Registration system with Members area tool, message inbox service as a *private mail, forum board builder for my member forum, and a multi-poll survey builder features for my polling ability.

I’m going to need an admin panel
– to control most of the site
– to post polls that will display for members when they log in, ability to select and move them wherever i want
– i must be able to grade the fights when i want
– member database

features include:

-membership w/paid membership option
ability to charge membership and give those members extra features, a member profile page. including a registration, email w/password, forgot password, and a secure/ip logging so there are no multiples by one member) must be able to control their pages(when they log in) and manage database(edit, activate, deactivate, delete, contact members,etc..)- members can only select fights once(no changing their play), a “are you sure” feature would be nice to make sure of their selections

user profile
-will be typical with various personal info, will include their 2010 record and +/- units along with current win/loss streak and a separate best win streak of the year. forum posts, possible mail

-2 leaderboards (built-in grading)
#1 like the “bankroll” feature at the above noted sites, however, just straight plays on the fights, grading of plays 1-3 units .. the leaderboard will have built-in tiebreakers that will show which member is listed higher when 2 or more members are tied
#2 a “custom” streaks leaderboard that will track members plays in order of how many wins and losses they have consecutively. plus how many units won/loss during the streak and the streak will be dated from when to when. this means i need to be able to date by time the events fights. the leaderboard will list top winning streaks for the year w/built in tiebreakers to show which member is listed higher. at they have a streak feature that you might be able to learn about

-tournament bracket contest for members
i need to have a contest that i can run in-site with chosen members, it will be a 32 slot tournament like … same rules as leaderboard one, but i need a separate application for members to get in and make plays (like password entry) and i can manually set the members into the brackets

-multi-poll/poll builder. i need to be able to post polls to members log in pages and make them *required to answer and i need to know who hasn’t answered the polls for each event by some indication. also, a polls archive for all polls.

-member forum

-*private mail as a member feature

-*fight pools, members can start their own fight pools(cageplay)

-*fighter rankings, like a voting poll(just like a top 25 in college football or basketball) must be able to count 1st place votes. these will be top 10’s

-a custom homepage, example would be like . will need help with pages, or making them “ad ready”

-Must be available for chat IF needed. I will not go by pmb for the entire project. with all the custom work, back and forth communication is important to me so that i can get the site i envision.

-will need help uploading to my web host and some support. let me know what type of support you are willing to give.

*if the above features are “expensive” or “difficult” and affect your bid drastically, please let me know because maybe i can do without them.

thank you!

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