Website Design Work And Chan 2

Website Design Work And Chan 2
I needs some work done to my website

1. Fix the Video on the left side of the page so it’s boxed in and looks more professional.

2. I need below the testimonials on the right side where it says “Can I achieve this success” After clicking on it i want it to open up in a window exactly like does for there’s.

3. After Clicking the articles tab, I want there to be only 1 article shown on the page. I want the 5 articles to be at the top so if i want to click on a different article then that article will appear. I don’t want all 5 articles showing like they are right now

4. I want the background color changed. Something similar to but different colors then red and black.

A few other small things that i will explain to you once i hire you but those are the main things. It’s not a lot of work right now but i have plenty of more work to do to my website and this job could last a long time

I’m looking for a Professional designer that does Sharp looking work.

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