Slow-loading Webpage

Slow-loading Webpage

My friend and I built a site meant for our students. Basically the students have a picture in front of them on the screen, then they mouse over “Play Question”, and the audio will come out. Then the same for the answer. And if they’d like to read what’s being said, they can click on the “Read Question” button.

The problem with the site is that it takes about 2-3 minutes to load each page on fairly fast running computers. Obviously not ideal to keep our students’ motivation high, as this is meant to be done as a review exercise of what we did that day.

So what we’re looking for is …

a) a facelift in terms of the design (we have a picture – attached), and…

b) the program to load quickly and run smoothly (Ideally the audio and pictures should load in the background while the first picture and audio are being studied, meaning the students don’t have to wait for EVERY pic and audio to load before they can start (if that makes sense), and it should all seem as if there is next to no loading time – basically the quicker the better, and then when students are ready for the next picture, they can just click the next button -to the right of the picture – and the next pic and audio should already be loaded and ready to go)

And the final thing we’ll need is to be shown exactly where to input information (audio and picture files) so that we can use this page as a template, and then upload our own info at later dates (as we currently have probably 30-40 pages that need to be done, plus more that we’ll need to do in the future, and we’d like to be able to do this ourselves.

Here is the site we currently have. Please note that this is NOT the page I want built. This is the page we use to get into the page I want built. Please go to this page and click on “part A” and you will see what I mean.


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