Create 10 Static Webpages

Create 10 Static Webpages
URGENT – I need this done in under 6 hours – URGENT!

1. If you can respond within 3 HOURS of winning the bid – Please DO NOT bid!
2. When responding please give some examples of work YOU have personally performed in website design and building.

Bidders NOT complying with these 2 requests WILL NOT be considered! If you are selected and you do not complete in under 6 hours you WILL NOT get paid. The project will be frozen and given to another bidder.

Please DO NOT bid for this project if you can not complete in under 6 hours. If you are successful and do not complete the project in the 6 hours, I will FREEZE the project and engage another programmer.

Content, design specifics and T&Cs will be forwarded uponnsuccessfully winning the project.

1. Update 3 static pages to include two new lines at the bottom (with new hyperlinks);
2. Create 9 new static pages for legal documents using a template;
3. Create 1 new ConfirmYourOrder page with an autoresponder form.

The site must remain crisp, clean and professional.

This job should be very quick and easy for someone who knows web design because I am providing you with all of the following:

1. Fully coded HTML templates for each page;
2. Very detailed instructions for each page with a description of exactly how I want to see it on each page;
3. All HTML code for Autoresponder forms and shopping cart BUY button;
4. All legal text for each new page;
5. All graphics; and
6. Project examples.

Note – All you are doing is building ten (10) simple static HTML documents using NO CMS and modifying 3 existing static web pages.

This project should take an experienced web designer who knows what they are doing NO MORE than a couple of hours to complete.


I pay quickly by ESCROW ONLY. I pay BONUSES for prompt, exceptional service and high quality design work. See feedback comments.

This project is URGENT and will only be open for 24 hours. I may choose the winning bidder BEFORE the 24 hours has elapsed.

Thank you

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