Logo + Website And Database

Logo + Website And Database
I have a new company that will be offering coupon advertising to businesses. I need:

1. A logo: Clean, crisp, professional.

2. A website: Preferably designed in Dreamweaver so I can easily make edits as needed. It will need to be a website that is easily viewed on mobile phones. No frames/flash. A home page, pages associated with the database, and then another page for me to edit for FAQs, Contact, etc…

3. A database integrated into the website. I must be able to enter the following information for each coupon- Business name, address, phone number, map link, website link, coupon details, expiration date, coupon code, region, and business type.

4. There will be links that will allow the visitor to view the database by region and then by business type. For example, regions might be Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. Once they choose a region, they can then view all the coupons from that region, or click a link to display by business types like restaurants, hotels, dry cleaners, etc.. Database output should provide visitor with the following: A printable coupon graphic that contains the Business name, address, phone number, coupon details, expiration date, and coupon code. There should be links with each coupon graphic which allow the visitor to print the coupon, click to see the business website, view a map, and post the coupon graphic on facebook or twitter.

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