Design For Chemical Supplier

Design For Chemical Supplier
Global description:
– original, unique and professional website design
– the design is done for chemical suppliers and the graphics could contain either chemical structures, manufactury, … All the graphics must be legally usable
– should only use HTML (with javascript if required) (no flash, java, …)

– This is a feature project so please send me some examples of work you did directly on my Email address [email protected] !!!

– after being selected I submit you the URL of the website that has to be redesigned and also the 2 pages that contains the text that has to be designed
– you provide 3 different layout proposal as a PDF file. One should contain the menu on the top, one the menu of the left and one like you want.
– one is selected and improvements are done based on our comments, this process will typically happen 2 or 3 times
– you create the HTML pages with functionnal menu (2 content pages)

– a good example of a typical website:
– in this kind of website you will only have to do two pages (the 2 pages will be submitted). Those 2 pages are representative of all the style that has to be designed

Requirements for the webdesign:

– the page should be a big invisible table with at least one cell for the menu, one cell for the main content, one cell for the bottom
– the design should be encoded in pictures placed in the background of the table-cells
– there should be a box for “search”
– everything should be based on a style sheet
– no text in the pictures (except for a logo). Text like copyright date should be placed in a cell over the background image
– contains a menu with submenu (2 levels) using javascript (not completely necessary if nice alternative). Javascript should be opensource and we should be allowed to use it legally.
– compatible with IE 5.0 or later, Firefox 1.0 or later, Safari, …

Stylesheet should include the styles:
– default style for body defining font, …
– p
– a (visited, hover, …)
– th, td
– h1, h2, h3, h4
– menu and submenu style for active (currently selected) / inactive (currently not selected) / hover / clicked
– style for the list of products
– … (we will provide the 2 pages to format)

To deliver:
– 2 html pages with background cell images that contains the design
– style sheet (style.css)
– javascript (if any) in a non offuscated form
– images
– layout in a graphic program (Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop preferably)

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