Need I.t Article Written

Need I.t Article Written
I need a 7 page article written about the following topic:

Distinguish between systems & application software

Now i don’t need some copy and paste job as i could do that myself with a little googling, i need it written in good english so that will require a native english speaker and i need it written in your own words although you can use other material to get the content it needs to be re-written in your words so it dosent sound like something that an I.T genius wrote although it should sound logical and be put together well.

The topic says it all really, also to confirm your not someone who knows nothing about I.T ill need to ask a couple of questions live via msn, i dont expect you to write a completely new one as i said your welcome to use other articles to gain the information as long as you dont copy it exactly so look at a paragraph, understand it and re-write it in your own words not change the last and first line of the paragraph kind of thing, so obviously youll need some decent knowledge of the subject to do this. I need this done quickly also as in today or tommorrow at the latest, let me know if youve any questions

it should be in standard size font for reading, just in case someone was planning on doing 7 pages of 120 verdana font or something lol

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