Website Re-construction

Website Re-construction
We need to completely re-do our website

Our programmer friend created the current version.

We have appx. 3 months to make this website TOP quality for
some investors to take it to the next level.

We will be adding features to this site but we will also keep the current categories.

-New Design needed with incredible animated / flash header
-A very user friendly admin content management system. This
site will be update daily with new reports, information, etc.
so it must have easy editor installed that is top quality.
-Amazing graphics needed because this is a surf site and want
animated/flash images of surfers and waves. You MUST be a PRO!

This needs to be worked on with me via skype as we progress through
each project. Communication is IMPORTANT!

You will re-do the entire site with me and will need to be put on
our dedicated server when finished.

I’m not the owner of this site. I’m hired to be the project manager
to get the job done RIGHT! This is a surfing site for Hawaii, BUT, if
this site is world class we are need for dozens of other countries.

We PREFER to work with somebody in Romania because we have had great
work done from this country.

We have 3 months to complete but I want a fast start and use most the time to make improvements and revisions. We NEED a creative thinker and MOST importantly somebody that follows INSTRUCTIONS and does the projects right the first time!

Once again, here is the raw site that needs to be torn down and re-built.

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