Web Design 2 Pages – Phase 1

Web Design 2 Pages – Phase 1
We have multiple websites that need redesigning. The first one is our company website. This company is creative and wants something very advanced looking, clean and sleek.

I have started a mock up design and now need someone to finish it for me.

Here is the design: http://www.dvdtemplates.com/test101.html

I have the actual logo and the design you are looking at as a PSD with the layers.

I like the top part but feel free to spruce it up to match your design, mine was just a mockup. Where the everything below the blue can easily be changed, this is where I need someone to finish the design.

As you can see from the mock up, the text links at the top are not in balance, so the the darkerblue section will probably have to move to the right.

Please no tableless design, I am only used to tables and I will need to edit these in the future.

Design must be 980 pixels Wide, Height is variable due to more content that may be added in the future.

Design must be full screen. The content will be in 980 pixels wide but I want a background image that goes 100% of the page.(see sample mock up)

A video / Flash presentation will be in the top center. See psd file for dimensions.

2 page Designs Required: (1) Home Page, (2) Content Page

Each section of the home page will link to a page about that section. Look at the marketing/distribution page to get an idea. The marketing and distribution page has the most content other sections like Research will just be a few paragraphs and an image.

Our Style: This is our main corporate site, it has to have a professional look but we can do it on black limbo because we still have our creative side,almost like a sony or Hbo.

Images: I purchase images from istock, and actually have quite a few so feel free tell me what you need or pick out anything you would like to use at istock and I will purchase it. I can supply anything you need in images so if you put a place holder image we can always find another one. I realize finding images is very time consuming.

After design is complete I will need the PSDs for each page.

Please Slice and provide the html.

Upon bid acceptance I will provide the orignial PSD, feel free to use that as a base.

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