Merchant Account Co. Website

Merchant Account Co. Website
New website design similar to The number of pages will be somewhat less. Would like a more modern design that gets away from the stock template look. Company provides merchant accounts to businesses allowing them to take credit cards, same as merchant warehouse.

1. Homepage – flash banner header; internal pages, side flash banner

2. will have pdf docs for downloading

3. product images need to be standardized (same approx. scale) and web optimized

4. online forms for requesting quotes, upload functionality so merchants can upload docs for submittal.

5. ecommerce, ability to purchase equipment direct with or without a merchant account. different pricing schedule for non-merchants.
shopping cart used must be compatible with or eprocessing network online payment gateway.

6. produce an internal page “template” so we can add simple additional pages ourselves as needed

7. blog page

8. provide add-on quote for design using a content management system to make updating more simplified.

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