Simple Html Site

Simple Html Site
I’m willing to pay $75-100 for this work. It must be done in 5-7 days. You’ll need to make it on my server or put the files after you make them on my server, because I can’t show a link to someone else’s site to the client.

I need someone to take a illustrartor document and chop it up and make it into a simple html site. Don’t use css for the site. As the client knows html, but nothing about using css.

For the initial roll-out version, I need 6 pages: I’ll pay $15 for each addional page added. Since it’s html each new page is not more then an hour of work. All the page will be based off the the design I give you.

1. Main Page (also know as the Sales Letter)
Use content from their site. The homepage will have a series of videos on the homepage. For now just use youtube vidoes. Since it will be easier for the client to add it to the site. They will just add the video to youtube then paste the code in their site.
This video type may change though. For now use youtube videos.

2. Product Order Page
Use content and text from their site for this. It connects to paypal and the merchant service ClickBank. It’s not like a ecommerce site really. They only offer like 1 product.

3. About Us
This will be provided.

4. FAQ
You can take all the text from their old site

5. Contact Page
Needs a contact form.

6. there is either a 6th page or some design that is going to be made that will be put on the homepage. I’m not 100% sure on this. Either way I’ll have the design for you in a few days.

Here is the most important part: You must make everything symertrical and balanced. If text starts 1 inch from the top of the page. It must be like that on every page. Everything has to be the same and symertical on the page.

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