Gallery Website

Gallery Website
Hi everyone,

I am looking for something similar to the following Site:

– Easy to maintain.
– Banner ads as options on either side of the main information on every page.
– A variable number of Buttons below the title (logo) but above the gallery images.
– A forum as one of the buttons (I do not know if I will use this yet so it must be able to be disabled).
– A contact form that automatically sends an email to a designated account.
– As you move the mouse over galleries and images a box appears around that image. This box should change color when you click on it.
– Search engine optimization
– I would also like the option for people to register to the site if they want with the database avaliable so that I can email everyone.

Similarities to
– I will have a number of different galleries so having the index page list them in the small boxes (with an image from that gallery) is ideal.
– I will also require the name of the gallery on that box
– Once you go to the gallery, just as with this site, all the individual images will be below which will get enlarged when they are clicked on. I need the images to be excellent quality. I have found flash sometimes blurs images slightly so would rather use HTML if possible.
– Gallery pages should have the title (logo) shrunk to the top left corner and will be the link to the home page.
– buttons will have moved up on the page to again sit just below the title (logo)

I think this is everything, let me know if you think of something else. I don’t mind if you use flash but this site is all about the photos. I will be showing detailed images of really small items so it must be good.



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