Xbox 360 Vbulletin Gaming Them

Xbox 360 Vbulletin Gaming Them
Over at we are an xbox 360 gaming clan

We play a variety of games at competetive level agaist many other gaming clans on the xbox 360

We are looking to get a custom designed theme for our vbulletin 4.0.2 board

The theme needs to be xbox 360 related and have some images of :

GOW 1/2
MW 2
Alien V Predator

The wholw theme needs to stand out and have some quality work in regards to the initial look of it, This is our portal and we need the X Factor,Lol

We are currently in talks to be published in a gaming mag and want this done to asap and in quality condition

Sample projects of vbullein 4.0.2 themes are required

No portfolio of similar works = Do not bother please

Any other info please PM me

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