Adult Social Network

Adult Social Network
Dont bid on this project till you PM me this project has three stages and once you PM me i will give you stage 2 and 3. I must get a bid on all three stages. I escrow 100% of job and will only release monies as stages are completed. Bib will be divided by three and let go in that order as you complete project.

Phase I

If Adult Content offends you please don’t bid on this project. This project is an adult community website. Elected winner of bid will sign written agreement that this site will not and can not be sold to anyone. We will own sole rights to script and may not be sold to anyone else. exact clone with modifications, language: English & Spanish

Needs to have all (and I mean ALL) the functions of stickam: live Broadcasting, watching, commenting, recording a stream, users can create a clean URL channel. By stopping the broadcast, the URL is still saved, with all comments and recordings. A broadcast URL can be public, private, or user restricted.

User sign (registration, e-mail password confirmation, forgot password option etc.) in and watch (in regular size, or full screen), comment on the video stream page (Ajax, no page refreshes to see the updated comments), record a stream, report abuse, share with friends, and use the video stream buffer (can rewind and fast forward the full length of the broadcast).

New backend control panel (controlling all (I mean ALL) functions, features, designs, membership, content, etc) and a backend admin page that will allow me to change the bit rate of the video/audio transfer, so that if I need to accommodate more users, I can decrease bandwidth. We should also be able to easily place ads or related links intro the pages and to manage paid commercial advertising banners on site (size, location etc.).

Each user will have a profile page (with unique customable design like it offers stickam dot com with predefined templates). User can record own live video webcam sessions broadcasted on mysite and store it in the profile (I can in admin panel specify the max. allowed clips for storing and max. clip size). I would like site to be free but have options to different packages will touch up on what packages are. For example free site member package is free but we could have a bronze package, gold and platinum.

Good search function for all parts of site. Users are searched by location, male, female, years, picture etc.. Videos are searched by category, user name etc..

I should be able to integrate into every video an add-link on bottom or a banner or advertising text.

All user uploaded pics and videos hold be benchmarked with my site logo. I should be able in admin panel to manually upgrade a free member to a gold-member i.e. and to manipulate and higher the members popularity points and live number-counter of being watched right now.

The user should be able to send invitation to their friends on myspace, facebook & Twitter accounts, myspace, facebook & Twitter should be full supported.

Additionally, there should be a service which to website-owners offers to integrate the live video service and possibility to their websites, due some specificated payment plan. Due this service, every website-owner can offer his website an integrated video live chat that uses our services. For example and further details look for stickam API

It is also necessary to provide to users a free mobile streaming option that allows members to stream live videos from there cell phones – see (mobile streaming) for example.

In site integrated payment options: normal bank payment, credit card payment, money bookers (important) and paypal, SMS payment support.

The Video Streaming format has to be in Flash Video Format with possibility for me to choose between Flash Video Server or free Red5.

All software must be completely self contained with all scripts and on my disk and server stored, NO outside services or services that require monthly subscriptions should be needed. All scripts and data must be 100% uncoded and open source.

I need you to install and configure the site on my hosting account and to integrate a SSL certificate.

All menus and text should be English and Spanish option language.

In people can change their skins of their pages just like myspace and we would like to be able to do the same. I would like site to be designed so you can add skins and gifs just like myspace and does. In Phase II and III you will be building site for skins and gifs so keep this in mind. I would like admin section of stickam to be easy for the person kind of like myspace. Where you place text and place url code where you want it to appear.

So just for the record this must be a clone of you should not be able to know you are on a clone site must look exactly the same as original site. Look at adult site excel spreadsheet. It will show you exactly what the buttons on the page should look like. Payment will not be released till you create a complete clone of, again every feature, every option. The site must be exactly the same, if you are on the site you created you must not be able to tell the difference between their website and ours. If this is not the case we will not release escrow money to you. Once this is complete you will send us the script and start working on phase II.

Don’t bid on site just yet PM me and I will add list of things I would like to be added to the site. It is important that you read through each item it is critical that you build the site right like I have outlined. If you don’t have good communication skills don’t bid on the project. I have many more projects and looking to build long lasting relationship with programmer.

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