Need 6pg Web Site Design/bui 2

Need 6pg Web Site Design/bui 2
THis is a re-post of a previous project request for a 10-page site. Refined now to 6 pages, mock-ups of 3 of the pages are attached.

Need design and build of the site, admin tool and site seo. Please include the following in your quote for this project:

1) Copy is not final, client is currently writing and will send final copy separately.
2) Images are not final, currently only place-holders. They are similar in dimensions to the final images but there may be some small variation.
3) I will need a second variation on the header with top rounded corners.
4) Admin tool to update events/classes page and to swap the quotes/testimonials on the left-side nav bar.
5) Please include basic SEO in your quote, embedded keywords etc. Fee-based options are not needed (google adwords etc.)
6) The mock-up is NOT meant to be a final design so it will need to be cleaned up as part of this project. I have re-worked it and refined it with the client but I have limited graphic manipulation ability so it’s not final. mock-up was done in MS Publisher.
7) Additional elements not in the mock-ups: Will need to add a link to sign up for e-newsletter and post most recent version on a separate page that’s not part of the main site nav; a link to pay for services through PayPal; and an additional tab linking to external blog (may not be included in final site).

Please let me know if you have any questions. Would like the selected bid to begin immediately as client finalizes copy and images. Thank you — James Wirth

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