Banner And Ad Page

Banner And Ad Page
We are looking for a very simple banner (468*60)and ad page (opens when banner is clicked)

This is for support groups for women. Our concept is:
for banner: graphic of a woman drinking coffee, next to her small table with a piece of cake

for ad page: graphic of a group of women (10 or so) in a pleasant looking room speaking and smiling and laughing, some eating cake and drinking coffee. There should be a table with cake, cookies, coffee and tea.

The banner and the ad page should be slightly animated. (women drinking coffee, women smiling and talking, eating cake and so on)

From the ad page there is one simple link only to a website (this is not a squeeze page)

If you have good ideas about the concept we’ll be glad to hear them

The text for both the banner and ad page will not be in english, we will give you the texts but you must be able to work with non-latin fonts.

We need this done within 3 days MAX from chosen bid. Less is better

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