Hiring Marketing/sales Partner

Hiring Marketing/sales Partner
CartHoster.com is now looking for more professional marketers to join our team.

We will pay you $25 for every person you get to signup and we will continue to pay you $25 every single month as long as that person continues to host with us! We will never stop paying you for someone that you have referred to our website.

At CartHoster.com we make every effort to help our marketers get more signups. We have recently created a new coupon for our marketers to help them sell our services. By using this coupon, anyone you refer can enter it while signing up and will only have to pay ONE CENT for their first month of hosting!

COUPON: OneCentExclusive

There is no way to making marketing easier than providing a coupon like the one above!

You can start marketing our services immediately with no need to wait for any account activation.

Find out more info here: http://www.carthoster.com/freelancers

Mark Williams
Marketing Director
CartHoster.com Hosting

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