Css And Small Music Player

Whats Needed for gianstone.com/boice/index2.html :

1. In the left hand corner, the mailing list and links are messed up… i want to have a black box with “>>” just to the side of the maiing list text field. This will act as the submit button. It should be the same height as the text field. Then, the links will be just beneath, spaced like all the other headers in the left column.

2. I want there to be a small music player on the top right, under the little man. It should just have the track name, a stop button that will turn into a play button if the track is stopped, a next track button, and a mute button. Something like the one here… http://surefireofficial.com/

Also, I have another website I am working on, and I have a contact form setup. I wanted to see if it is setup properly and how to make it so if it is an invalid email address typed in, it will give an error. I will end up using this exact form for the boice website. It can be found here: http://www.beaconmusic.org/contact.html

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