Animated Presentations

We provide on-line advertising for a wide range of companies and are looking for a graphic design/animation company that we can work with on a regular basis.

Adverts are viewed on a wide variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry and the advert must be viewable within the browser on each of these devices. The advert will need to be hosted on our servers and cannot use an outside platform such as YouTube. All adverts are silent.

Adverts will come to you as anything from a basic outline to a fully detailed design. You must be able to adapt to both and use your design skills where required to produce original work.

We envisage production starting at around 8 adverts a week and expanding massively as our new platform takes off. You must be able to cope with the level of work envisaged.

The selection process will be as follows:

1. Place your bid for the project.
2. You will be asked to create a sample advert (you will not be paid for this)
3. You must convince us that you will be able to cope with the amount of work predicted
4. Award of work

Thank you for your time and interest in our project.

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