Implement Flash Music Player 2

Hello Freelancers
I am in need of a professional flash music player and integrate it to my music website.

please check the following url

This is what i am looking for.
please have a look and i need it exactly similar.

we need these things
album image,song title, artist, length,fastforward, rewind, next, previous, stop, pause/play, shuffle, repeat, volume, play options like recently played, add to playlist, download song and the playlist right below the player,also the header should contain site logo

the Members could view their playlists on page. Options to remove song(s), or play on music player,Checkbox beside songs with options to play track(s), add to playlist or download songs

it should have the following:
Pop up in new window,Have a playlist,Be able to add tracks to playlist from the site and music player

also we wish to have the following as like in the sample site given:
– Able to grab song permalinks so users could place the music player on their own pages.
– Share songs to social medias (facebook, twitter)
– Functional with all music types: MP3, WMV, OGG etc

for better understanding,please have a look at this site
we need it exactly like that.
Please check it and give me a quote.

Thanks and Regards

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