Flash Video Intro

Flash Video Intro

Basically need this:


In a SUPER high quality flash video. will be all in 2D – will have many more objects than this video.

When I mean SUPER high quality, I’m talking professional newscast/US network commercial quality. Want a ten second intro:

stick figure jumps out of taxi with to-go bag and green briefcase,
2d cutaway of the airport, foodie running for the security checkpoint –
when he gets there, he sees the sign for no food and drink, pulls out a burger,
finishes the burger,
puts the suitcase on the conveyor,
walks through the security area, light goes from yellow to green,
guard says OK,
then the conveyor flashes red, camera zooms into the wandering foodie logo
Logo changes to full logo with text

So the objects here:

Person 1 – main character
Person 2 – security guard 1
Person 3 – Security guard 2
Person 4 – person waiting in line
Person 5 – person getting bags 1
Person 6 – person getting bags 2
Person 7 – person getting bags 3
Person 8 – person on escalator
Crumpled up bag
Luggage Converyor Belt – (http://www.silent-gardens.com/img/MNL-NAIA/International-arrival-05.jpg)
Security Checkpoint conveyor
Security Checkpoint video monitor
Airport cutaway

It will be all 2d like xiao xiao – http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/15849 – but a hell of a lot better, and using stick figures like the one in this picture – http://www.highwaytrafficsupply.com/images/regulatory_signs.html/W11-2a.JPG

My budget is $2,500. must have prior work shown in PMB. No PMB, No bid.

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