Logoandbanner Creation Project

Logoandbanner Creation Project

1. We would like a logo with maybe a 2D or 3D dimension or an animation feel (I may not be using the proper technical terminology). For example, you can create a logo possible using the letters TOT(stands for the online television network) and make them dimensional. We are in the beginning stages of branding our site, so we need it to be powerful but simple and easy to remember. In the attached files, I am showing samples of the type of logos that are powerful, but yet simple and easy to remember. See attachment for examples of other online network logos.

2. A mini banner of the same logo to be put on Facebook fan page and so forth. for ex. see http://www.facebook.com/Wedding.Planning?ref=mf versus their logo on their website.

Please note: Not to be included on any portfolio for demo, commercial, or any reasons.

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