Flash Video Streaming Setup

Flash Video Streaming Setup


I have a membership site that is almost complete which customers can download a video course once they have completed the payment, however I want to be able to allow them to watch the videos online without having to download them. I know this is not a big job for the right person but this can lead onto other projects I have in the pipeline.

The project will consist of integrating a ‘Play video’ button which looks like the download button and must appear neatly either underneath the existing download buttons or displayed neatly along side the existing download buttons. These buttons should play the exact part of the course what you would have got if you clicked the download button so it needs to match up.

The flash files have already been uploaded onto the site, but may need moving into the members area of the membership site. The membership script in use is Amember Pro so experience of this is of number one importance.

The video should be launch into a popup frame using JWPLAYER Free and is able to utilise full screen if required by the customer. There are approximately 40 videos some quite small and this I think is a days work for someone who knows this stuff inside out.

So please don’t apply if you have no experience of Flash or Amember as you will not be considered, plus those who think this is good little project for them must provide evidence of similar work using the technology and scripts mentioned.

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