Auction Website – Penny

Auction Website – Penny

I am looking to start a penny auction site such as Nickelbids, Swoopo, Snaglo, etc. There will need to be some Basic Logo design as well as help setting up the site on a server. Below is a list of items i would like to see on the site. Some are already on existing sites.

Way to quickly and easily track, gather info on customers so i can get a good look at sales , site log in’s, site visits, compile email list for news letters, etc.

Way to send news letters to all, some, or individual customers.

Way to offer a Discount or Redemption certificate on bids.

Want to offer 5 free bids upon sign up and 10 free bids on 1st purchase of bid package.

Bid bonuses of 10 free bids when friends sign up and buy a bid package.

Would like only last five bidders visible to other bidders but still be able to see all bids on an auction as an administrator.

Would like to be able to set price increase on auctions from $.01 to $1.00 increments.

Would like an Auction timer/clock able to add variable times to clock according to total current bid if it is doable. I.E. for bids placed between .01 and $2.00 add 45 seconds to clock. for bids placed between $2.01 and $4.00 add 30 seconds to clock. For bids placed from $4.01 and up add 15 seconds.

Want to have an “Auto-Bidder” of some kind.

Want to be able to offer 2nd place bidders (or others) full or partial refunds on completion of auction. Such as giving second place bidders 50% bid refund of bids used.

Would like a feed back forum so bidders can rate site and suggest other items they would like to see on the site.

Need to have pre-set bid packages ( 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 bids) with icon/picture to represent bids on auction. Will also need an easy to use way to put up different auctions with pictures/icons of items. IE i want to sell an Xbox 360 so i can download a picture to site to use as stock photo for auction.

Need to have user interface to be easy to use.

Would also like to know what it would take and if its possible to add an animated sales person/avatar (as such from site cube) as a welcome page and to show how to buy and place bids, if this is needed to be programmed into site at creation or can be added at a later time.

As opposed to selling items on the penny auction site I will be taking a different direction. Thus will explain later if a deal can be reached. Thanks

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